Common Races:

Human: The most disperse, versatile race.

  • Northmen: Tough men from the continent Lost, where it always snows.
  • Tribesmen: Humans from the Forgotten Lands, who follow the Old Ways.
  • Valleymen: Typical humans. You are most likely one of these.
  • Farlanders: Humans from Gahzra. They are resistant to flame, with grayish skin.

Elf: Lithe, graceful Humanoids with pointed ears.

  • Wood Elves: Nature-oriented, darker hair and eyes.
  • High Elves: Mystical, aloof pale elves from (ELFLAND).
  • Night Elves: Blue-gray elves from the Under.
  • Half-elves: Half-human, half-elf. Fits anywhere, and likes to travel.

Half-giant: Hulking humanoids with a brutish appearance.

Dwarf: Short, stocky, gruff humanoids. Enjoys metalwork and ale.

Orc: Less intelligent than humans, but much stronger.

Gnome: Short, rather charismatic magical beings related to High Elves.

Uncommon Races:

Were-cat: Furry, small, lithe creatures with the ability to turn into cats.

Tolya: Tall, insectoid creatures with four arms.

Stönur: Giant men you live near the tops of mountains. Extremely strong.

Nature Nymph: Slight, agile humanoids with deep green irises, closely affiliated with nature.

Duvram: A medium-built species from the Mists. Rather uncaring, with gray eyes.


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