The System

First, the rolling:

Almost every roll of a die in RotL is against another roll. Attack rolls, attempts do anything that might need a roll. D&D 3.5 used a base number vs. a rolled save, D&D 4e uses a roll versus a base Difficulty Class. RotL is roll vs. roll.

For example: Darnam the Wizard wants to attack the Goblin Warrior with Shock Scream. He rolls, in total, a 14. The Goblin rolls, in total, a 10. Darnam Hits. He then rolls his damage.

There are critical hits in RotL too: Now, let’s say Grodhub the Warrior is attacking the Night Elf Templar with Spin Strike. He rolls, in total, a 29 against the Elf’s 21. He rolled 8 higher than his opponent (a critical hit), so he deals double damage.

Table of Contents:

  1. Races

Wizard: A master of the arcane arts.
Archer: A wilderness wanderer, trained in bow and blade.
Rogue: A mischievous trickster, a deadly assassin.
Cleric: A divinely-touched character with the will of the Gods behind their strike.
Barbarian: An uncivilized brute filled with rage and melee prowess.
Templar: A knight of virtue, spreading healing light and hope.
Druid: One with the wild.
Sorcerer: A spellcaster who holds in power through sheer personality.
Bard: A wandering storyteller who weaves Magic through song.
Warrior: Skilled in the art of battle.
Knight: A defender of the weak, exceptionally tough.
Mindmage: A Master of the mind.

The System

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